Hello and Welcome to LimeClan Wikia! The main thing here is for you to have fun being a warrior but we do have rules....


Serious, WILL Result in BanningEdit

1. No cussing, even if it's *'d out. No exceptions.

2. No cyberbullying. (That includes: Cussing, out-of-hand arguing, insults, telling someone to 'shut up', etc.)

3. No bringing issues from other Wikias or websites here, or vice versa. You can only talk about it via Private Messages to users of this Wiki only.

Semi-Serious, MAY Result in Banning*Edit

  • If banned or not may depend on how often this happens or how long a post it was

1. Do not role-play someone else's cat without asking them first. That includes ceremonies and gatherings for leaders.

2. Don't edit someone else's blog or user page w/o their permission. No exceptions.

3. Do not put pictures in your signature. It slows down pages. Two warnings gives a week ban. No exceptions.

Non-Serious, WILL NOT Result in Banning*Edit

  • Will Result in a minor Ban after THREE warnings

1. Don't randomly make family members for someone else's cats.

2. Don't make super long descriptions or backrounds for your cats.

3. Do not make a cat or Clan without asking an Admin first.

4. Don't create family for your cat if you aren't going to, or no one will, role-play.

5. Don't abuse the caps lock button. Yelling constantly can be very annoying.

6. Only use categories that are for categorizing pages, not to take up space and/or give you more badges.

7. You may only have one real-life image for your cat, as the PCA can cover the different ranks.

Yes, these rules are active in the

Live! Chat

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-~ ♫ Forever and Always, Katniss Hermione ♫

~ SpotzBy 'Smarter' you guys mean 'More Clinicly Insane', Right?

Contact UsEdit

You can contact the following Chat Moderators below if you need their help:


You can contact the following Rollbackers if you need their help:


You can contact the following Administrators if you need their help:


You can contact the following Bureaucrats if you need their help:

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