Note: This tutorial is not finished yet!

Note: Shading is NOT needed (I don't even use it xD)

Welcome, Welcome!!!!! This is my Charart Tutorial! Please read below to figure out how to make chararts.

Pixlr ToolsEdit


Getting the BlanksEdit

Getting the blanks onto your computer without the background being black is simple, but remember one thing: Never copy and paste it if you copy and paste it, the background is black. All you need to do is right click on them in the Gallery and click, "Open link" to get the proper size. then you do either two things; you right click on the image a choose "Save image as..." or you take a screen shot. (for most computers, to take a screeen shot, you click the "Prt sc" button on your keyboard, then you paste it in paint/microsoft word.) the way I like to make chararts is to open them in paint (which makes the background white and won't make it transparent), then I use the Pixlr tools for blurring/shading/highlights and other touch ups, then make it transparent . There is a section below about making it transparent.

Rest Coming Soon!

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