LimeClan Camp

LimeClan camp is a very calm place. It is located in the north-west corner of LimeClan's territory. It is a clearing surrounded by small lime trees. They don't darken the camp, as sunlight easily falls through the top. At the base, small rocks make a strong barrier, as they are slippery on the outside. The camp entrance is a fallen lime tree, which was struck by lightning many seasons ago. It is lodged inbetween two rocks. Two holes are in it; one to enter and one to leave camp. The one outside camp is hidden by brambles and ferns. There is a small brook running at one end of the camp. It provides a convenient water source, but easily becomes a trickle of water in greenleaf. Ferns and small orange flowers are all over camp, as well as moss clinging to the stones and trees. The fresh-kill pile is in the middle of camp; it's a tree stump with moss all over it. The dens themselves are in and the trees. The branches spread out to provide notches, and little hollows in the actual tree are also good, especially against the chilly wind. At the opposite end of camp from the creek, is the smallest of the lime trees. It stands slightly forward from the circle, and has a 100-year-old log infront of it. This is Gathering Tree, where the Clan gathers together to listen to the Leader, Dovestar jumps down from her den in the gathering tree and lands on the log. Outside the camp is a big rocky ditch which makes the camp extremely hard to attack.

Leader's den

Medicine den

Warriors den


Elders den

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